Good Morning, Beijing

Today I woke up and went to the convince store because I was out of coffee and water.  Which is my breakfast. I bought a coffee and it tasted horrible so I went back down and bought a different brand (actually its a Japanese brand).  It’s hit or miss sometimes in Asia when it comes to food, as you can imagine.


I met my Japanese teacher for my weekly lesson and of course she makes the lesson really difficult.  But that’s part of the reason why I pay her, because she pushes me hard.  And it’s for an hour and a half.  I went to a Japanese language meet up on Saturday and their level was wayyyy better than mine but I could understand a few words here and there.  And sometimes I could understand sentences and respond!!!!   So I was kind happy about that!  Afterwards my brain feels like mush and I usually walk around the city afterwards to decompress.  Walking in Asian cities is kind of my hobby!  I love to see the people out and what they are wearing, the street vendors selling snacks and magazines, the food delivery guys on motor bikes, the business men out to lunch ect.


I remember when I was back in the States for a little while and going into downtown Minneapolis on Saturday and the the place was dead.  Not like a few people around, like nobody was around.  And think about it Minneapolis is a major US city so think about other smaller cities and dead they must be.  It’s a shame to because it could be happening but….there’s a lack of public transportation.  You see in Asian cities they will build shopping and cultural areas around the subways stations.  So it creates more vibrant cities.


Ace in Asia

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