Back alleys and first Beijing Youtube Collab!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.26.20 PM

Collab with KenanQHD

I had my first Beijing youtube collab with KenanQHD.  He’s a youtube creator here in China.  We met up on Sunday and got some pizza.  He’s got some great youtube videos on China.  Check out his channel.

The pizza was the bomb! Like real America style pizza and not to expensive either! we talked cameras and blogs and making videos and life in China.

After we ate Kenan wanted to check out the back alleys at night for some photography.  Actually, its a cool area for night photos.  Sadly, my iPhone got filled up quick with video and photos so I could take that much.  It was just another reminder of my needing a new camera.

We walked around a lot in the quite back alleys and taking photos.

It was great fun connecting with another youtube creator!  Then we smoked hooka for a little while.  Doing the the collab on Sunday really was fun.  It can be difficult to keep doing videos especially when you’re feeling uninspired.  I guess I’m trying to say that the collabs are an easy fun way to make videos.  I hope to do more collabs in the future.

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