Daido Moriyama/street photographer

I love the city.  I’m a city man.  I also love looking at photographs.  Daido Moriyama is one of my favorites.  He’s from Japan and takes a lot of street photos.   You get a real feel for the streets of Tokyo when you look at his work.  Some of it is almost anti-aesthetic like, with the way he shoots because sometimes it looks like he doesn’t care.   He’s taken millions of photos over the years.  He takes photos of signs, people, trains, sidewalks, alleys, almost anything from the streets.  His style is gritty and dark.


AS you can see here in this photo.  He gives us the feeling of a busy Tokyo street.


While he’s known for black and white Daido has done a few books in color.


I love this one.  I love the feeling of loneliness it gives.


Check out more of his books at your local library.  You won’t be disappointed!

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