Sanlitun in Beijing

I arrived to Beijing about 4 months ago and I’m still struggling to meet some new people. (It would probably help if I left the house.)  If you don’t know already, Beijing gets a lot of flack for not being a very cool city.  To some extent that’s true….I consider it a city with cool areas.  In other words you kind of have to look around for some fun stuff to do.  It’s not like Tokyo where just about everywhere you look there are cool bars, clubs, PC cafes, shopping ect.  Right now my favorite areas are Sanlitun    and Yonghegong Station.  Sanlitun is a really cool area with shopping, cafes, and tons of lounges bars and clubs.  During the day and at night its a hot spot for tourists and Chinese people as well.


The have stores like Uniqlo, H and M, Adidas, Bape and Supreme. Also tons of cafes like Starbucks and Costa coffee.  There are plenty of lounges and clubs as well.


It’s true Beijing lacks stuff to do.  But if you look you can find some cool stuff.

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