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Hello.  Right now I’m in Hong Kong at a Starbucks and there’s….Country music on the speakers!  I’m not huge fan of contemporary country music but it funny to hear it in Hong Kong!


Anyway I like to start the day with checking all my favourite content creators.  A fe of my favourites are Tokyo Drew in Tokyo, Grey Grizzled and Gaijin in Japan, Rob Thailand (20 seconds in Thailand).

I believe Social Media will only become more important in the future and I love how these guys have embraced it and tell their story!

IN the book think and grow Rich Napoleon Hill talks about the Mastermind or group of people that you hang out with.  These people define your life in ways you never realise.  Let’s face it content creation is not always easy and its good to have some folks to look up to when the going gets tough.

Grey Grizzled and Gaijin posts about living in Japan, Social media strategies and daily life stuff.  Check out his latest blog here.  He posts a lot on twitter as well.


Tokyo Drew is based out of Tokyo.  He does a lot of youtube posts and blogs on food and places in Tokyo.  He also does tons of live streams.  He”s gained a decent following with 3500 subs already!





Rob Thailand (20 seconds in Thailand) quit his job in the US and moved to Thailand.  He makes awesome videos via youtube on daily life about living as an expat in Thailand.

Rob Thailand


Ace in Asia


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