Young vs Old Expats

I just read Craig Hoffman Grey, Grizzled and Gaijin’s blog post 587 which he wrote about young expats coming to Japan and how he couldn’t relate to them.  A lot of expats coming to teaching in Asia fall into the camp of “young adventures” or “older and more stable”.  A lot of the younger people are more interested in partying than teaching, while the older ones are not interested so much in that. images

It can be hard to relate to someone that just wants to drink beer and party because I just don’t care about that anymore.  

I enjoy my life more than ever now days.  Simple things like talking a walk and taking photos are more fun now that I’m older.  The bar scene gets old fast especially when your and expat and I like to do things that a re a little more positive.  Going out and being social is important but waking up with a hangover isn’t worth it.

Age makes you like to do other stuff


As I age I like doing other stuff like talking walks and exploring new cities.  Over the years I’ve gotten into self improvement, exercise and spirituality.  All these things are a activities you can do alone but when you find others that like the same stuff its much more gratifying.  Everyone likes a drink now and then but not everyone wants to build a business or invest int the stock market or lose 15 pounds.  When you meet someone who has a goal in mind, even if its a small goal like not drinking soda it’s  powerful because small goals lead to bigger goals.

Everyone can teach you something


People can teach you a lot about yourself, even negative people.

Think about who you hang out with….


Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about people I hang out with.  In my last city I met people that had very different ideals than me.  I would hang out with them because there weren’t many other expats to hang out with.  It was a good lesson and I’m in a new city and will find more positive people to hang with.



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