Live Streaming Vs. Edited videos

I started off doing you tube videos about living in Asia about 5 years ago. Recently, I’ve been doing more live streams. I see a lot more other Youtubers and content creators doing live streams as well. Here are some thoughts on V logging and live-streaming.

James & Katie-2.jpg

Pros on Live streaming
You can connect with your audience and the audience feels like their apart of the video and not just a viewer! They can comment and ask questions so it’s an amazing way to build a connection with your viewers and subscribers. I love to drop in on my favourite you tubers live stream and just see what there up to. I like to just say hello to show my support for their channel.

You can give a little donation if you want! So if you really like the creator you can give a little right the spot.   Like buying a coffee for a friend.

It feels like your hanging out with your viewers!

Cons on Live streaming

It can get boring.  Watching long live streams can get dull but I don’t think a lot of people stay for the whole thing. They are not meant to be watched in entirety.  As far as my own behaviour goes I usually pop in for 5 minutes on average.

You can riff off questions and comments from the viewer immediately and maybe get ideas for future videos.

You can ask your viewers directly what kind of content they want to see!

Pros for editing

You can make a video nice and short while getting your point across to the viewer.  I love making 5-10 minute videos.

You can use editing techniques to make it more exciting for the view and enhance the story.

You can think about your topic and do multiple takes for your videos.

Editing for me is a really enjoyable process!

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