Letting go of outcome on Social Media… And Suffering from social media burn out

I’m sitting here in my kitchen in Asia writing this drinking coffee.  And man!! it’s some strong coffee!

I always wanted to do something with the internet, but I was too scared to make videos or even do any writing.  I was afraid I would make some crappy video and people wouldn’t like it.  Really, I was scared what people would think.  Which is crazy to think about now.  Also I wanted to make perfect content and videos which is also crazy to think about now.

What a rock band taught me about social media


I used to listen to a band called Guided Ny Voices in college.  Most bands would write  12 songs a year or so.  Guided By Voices, at times, wrote hundreds  of songs.  Their  catalog ranges in the thousands, many in the beginning were horrible.  They wrote songs on crappy $150 recording devices at home, but after years they got pretty good at writing and eventually got a huge fan base and started selling records and going on tour.   The singer was in his 30s before he was able to quit his day job.

GBV was constant for years and wrote songs not for perfection, but after years of writing and recording songs at home they developed at style and really cool songs that gained popularity.

I’m not new to youtube but I am new to self promotion via Twitter, Instagram and Steemit.com.


Posting more, and letting go of out come

I’m trying to post post more without trying to make everything so perfect, that includes photos, writing, videos, ect.  It’s hard because I tend to overthink what I post.

Right now I’m doing one livestream per day(youtube), 1-2 edited videos per week, 1-4 twitter posts, and 1 post once a day on WordPress and Steemit.  I plan on posting more on Steemit once I get my name out there.

I want to do do more but I don”t want to suffer from burn out, so I’m trying to find that middle ground.  I strive to be like the long distance runner not a sprinter.  But I do take it seriously because I think Social media and Youtube are going to blow up even more.  As Gary Vee says, “If your not on Social Media your going to be irrelevant.” To some extent I do believe that.  Thanks for reading! Peace!


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