Lost in Macau

Hey guys, I just woke up and now I’m drinking coffee. IN this video I went to Macau a few weeks ago (I just realised I never posted the video to my blog.)  Macau is a little country connected to China and very close to Hong Kong.  I took a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, it takes about an hour and the ride is nice and comfortable.

I originally went to see a Ferrari car show, which was in a hotel casino.  There are a lot of Casinos in Macau, so if you like to gamble then you should go.  After I arrived I found the swank hotel the car show was in.  It was good, but the mall atmosphere was stuffy and stuck up.  I didn’t like it so much but I met a nice girl that took me to a cool part of down town Macau I we went to a book store and church ruins.  It was really crowded but really fun because the city has a lot of European influence.  It’s almost like being in Spain.  So if you ever go to Hong Kong check out Macau, you won’t be disappointed!

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