Something I really want to change about myself…

I was just listening to an awesome pod cast while walking to work today.  Like a lot of people I’ve struggled with making money and finding my place in the world.  I started to listen to pod casts and information that support my idea of becoming a full time creator.  It’s been helpful.

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I was listening and stumbled upon an idea by Eben Pagan, he says that if you have an idea of a business or other wise start right away.  Don’t wait until next week to take action.  Even if it’s just making a phone call.  Typically we want to wait and do research or ask our friends what they think.  The longer you wait the more likely you won’t do it.

The master mind group is referred to in Napoleon hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Your master master mind are the five closest people you hang out with.  If these people smoke you are likely to smoke, if they parachute from planes so likely are you, if they have businesses so likely are you.  Brian Tracy started out as a sales man many years ago.  His sales were very poor.  Then he started to hangout with the top salesman of his company.  Afterwards, he started selling well.

I have an old friend from back home and when I talk to him he’s always complaining about his situation.  It takes all my energy when talk to him.

I find myself doing the same sometimes. Bringing people down without even noticing I’m doing it until after the fact.  So it’s something I need to work on when I’m interacting with others.

I highly recommend the book Think and Grow Rich.  

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