RE: Think and Grow Rich | Rocky Round 14

Hey… Party People! This morning was awesome! I woke up made some coffee and checked my goal list, did my stretching and made this video.  It’s kind of a part 2 to yesterdays video on Think and Grow Rich by N. Hill, If you haven’t read it please check it out! You will enjoy it, I promise.

I had someone comment on my video saying the author was kind of a con-man.  I don’t know if that’s true or not and really I don’t care, but I appreciate the comment and it did get me thinking about people I hang with and wanting to find a social media mentor.  Because I’m always going to run into people that aren’t into what I’m into.

Then I got to thinking about the movie Rocky and this lone washed out character and the meaning of the movie.  I haven’t see it in years but I’m gonna check it out soon.

Thanks for watching, Peace and Love, Ace in Asia

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