The thrills and hardships of expat life

Sometimes, I think about all the traveling I’ve done and all the years I’ve been living overseas.  I’ve lived in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and now China.  It’s been one heck of a ride for sure.

When I first got out of university I got a low level job in my field.  I liked my job but I didn’t enjoy my working environment so much.  It was go to work and come home.  It wasn’t a bad life but I thought about the people I worked with and many of them looked ten years older than their actual age.  The only benefit to staying long term was the 401 K they offer.   I stared at a computer and the windowless office walls everyday.  One of my co-workers was very overweight. He was a good guy but I felt like I was turning into him.

Another guy that goes to work and lives in the suburbs….

That all changed when I signed up to go teach in Korea in 2009.  I’ve had some great jobs and some not so great jobs since then.  But I’ve gotten to see Asia and it’s a place I’ve come to love.  Whether it’s the Buddha temples of Bangkok or the fashion streets of Tokyo, I’m always surprised by the buildings, food, people and places.  When I go home I have fun for a while but quickly start to miss the hustle of life oversees.

The pace is slowwwww…. in the USA.

Maybe it’s because everyone drives a car but it seems like such a slower pace in most American cities.  And after people get married you just never see them a lot.  I hear a lot of over thirty expats say the same thing.  I remember coming home to a suburb in the US from Tokyo and think, “Where the heck are the people!!”.   It was a difficult transition.  I don’t hat coming home or anything like that but it is hard to make the adjustment to living there again.  I do sometimes think about moving back so I can see my friends and family more often.

But then I realise I wold spend most of my time woking in some office with bad lighting or in the car driving or at Target shopping for the bananas that are on sale.

Peace and Love -Ace in Asia

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