Youtube Drama

When I was a kid I used to say things like, “That’s not fare!” if I was wronged in some way or I didn’t get what I deserved.  My step dad would Chime in, “Life isn’t fare.”  Some times those days were tough, but he was right.  He taught my brother and I some tough lessons about life back then.

Well… this morning I went to do do my live stream from my mobile phone like I do every morning and I got denied by youtube because I don’t have 1000 subscribers.  Was I passed off?  Yes.. I was. I thought man… “That’s not fare.”  Well I can complain or I can get to work on getting those subscribers.

I can take responsibility or sit there and complain about the world.

I immediately took to twitter and made a video about what’s going on with my Chanel and why I can’t do live streams from my mobile device.  Oh and I made a video on it as well. I did manage to figure out how to live stream from my computer.

Peace, Love – Ace in Asia

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