Thailand 2011 Part 3 Horrifying rooms and How to find a teaching job in Bangkok

I went to Bangkok to look for a teaching job.  Resume in hand, I took the bus From Pattaya to BK.  Bangkok was a large city.  As we came in there were more and more buildings.  Traffic and people every where.

I found my crappy hotel that I booked online.  It was nothing special but comfortable and in central BKK.

I woke up the next day and saw a few emails for interviews in my inbox.  I responded and later that afternoon I had an an interview lined up with a Russian recruiter.  I  went out to a 7-11 and bought some snack food for breakfast as as well as a coffee and some water.  BKK was already getting hot. A few hours before the interview I put on my dress shirt and tie.

By now the afternoon sun was punishing the city with heat.  My overweight body began to sweat immediately.

I had to take the subway then walk.   I had a map of where the office in relation to the nearest subway station.  It didn’t take to long to get to my subway destination.  I walked out into the heat.  I took a second to look at my map in the shade.  I walked for about five minutes.  I looked at the buildings searching for the address.  I kept on.  I was very sweaty.

Untitled design-3

Finally, I found the building.   I was almost late for the interview.  When I walked into the office there were a lot of Thai people there on computers looking like they weren’t doing anything particular.  I found my Russian recruiter.  He asked me to wait for a few minutes in the lobby area.  He was friendly enough.  After a little while he came out and waved me in.  His office was small.  He made small take and was jovial and at ease.  Then he went into the job, it was a teaching job in some beach town teaching kids at a private school. I told him I really wanted to stay in Bangkok. My reasoning was that if I didn’t like that job then I could find a new one in BKK.

There are a lot of crappy English teaching jobs, no to mention his presentation was too slick.  I felt like he wasn’t giving me the whole story.  I thanked him politely and left.

I headed out.

I was a little worried about finding work. However, I was getting interviews, so I told my self not to chill.  The next day I got another interview with a dispatch company. They hire teachers for schools.  It took a while to get up to his office. I met him in the morning.  I was a little early so I went to a cafe and got a coffee before the interview.  After about thirty minutes it was time to go so I headed to his office. His name was Tim and he was from England.  He seemed alright.  He shook my hand and asked me to have a seat in his office. He asked me about my teaching experience and I explained I came to Thailand to do some teacher training.   He told me about the job, it was in Bangna right outside BKK.  The job was at a private school.  He asked if I’d like to go down to the school now and meet the principle.   I said, “OK”.  And we were off.  It took about over thirty minutes to get to the school.  We entered through the gates of the school and went to the principle’s office.  I met the Thai woman who was the principle. She looked me up and down and wasn’t very nice.  I didn’t like her but I needed a job so I took it.

Afterwards Tim took me to rent a room in the area.  Tomorrow we would look for an apartment together.  I paid the guy and went up to the room.

The room was dark and dirty, like something out of a horror movie.

There was a broken mirror on the wall and the bed was hard as a board.  I looked in the mirror and thought, “I can’t believe I’m staying here.”

The next day Tim arrived to help me find an apartment.  We found a building near the school.  Tim talked to the manager and we went to look at it.  It was small and nothing fancy but it was alright.  I moved my suit cases in immediately.  I was tired of hauling them around.  The room was furnished.  My first day of school would be the next day.

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