Hiking, Eating bamboo and breathing better

I’m not really into nature or anything like that but I did go hiking recently.

It was a very short hike, in fact it was so short I wouldn’t consider it a hike.  We started out early morning then made our way up.  It was nice to be out in the mountains.

There was bamboo everywhere and I think it was sort of sacred place of some kind.  There was a sign about some monk but it was hard to read because it had deteriorated so much.  I did see a tomb of some kind on the way up as well as a statue of a monk.

We ate some food on the top where there was a cooking area.  The food was good.  We ate bamboo roots, rice, vegetables and pork.

Later we dug for bamboo roots to take home and cook if we wanted to.

Here is the video! Peace -Ace in Asia

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