Wim Hof Method Day 5

Hey folks Ace in Asia here… In my kitchen listening to some beats on the Spotify.

Yesterday was day 5 doing the Wim Hof Method and to say I’m psyched is an understatement.

You see the other  night after work I decided to go out for a walk in my t-shirt and shorts to get some cold therapy.  I started walking in my apartment complex then decided to try to run.

I’ve had thyroid problems since 2016 that have prevented me from running more than a few minutes.

I started running and looked down at my iPhone, two minutes, three, minutes, four minutes… Wow! I ran for a total of seventeen minutes something I haven’t done since 2016!  I was happy.

I’m not saying my thyroid is cured yet or anything like that however things are going well.

Thanks for reading! -Ace in Asia


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