I could use some advice…

Hey guys, well..

I’m having a very bad day.

But, everyone has bad days…  Isn’t that true?

What do you guys think?  And… When you have a bad day what do you do?

I’m really curious how others deal with having a bad day… Do you work out?  Drink a beer?  Call a friend?

I guess I could use some advice on this one.

In the grand scheme of things it’s not that bad and I know tomorrow will be better.  I try not to focus on it and move on. A lot of things are great in my life.  I have my yoga and youtube videos and writing this blog. And all the places I’ve been and experienced… few people ever will.

I made a short video today while in the city. Some great footage and my take at the end.   I appreciate the comments and let me know what your up to!

Peace- Ace in Asia

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