Japanese Monks, 1000 marathons and The bad news about social media promotion

I’m not much of a writer.  But I like to mess around with it.

Years ago I used to enjoy writing letters to friends while in college.  They were fun to write and my friends said they enjoyed reading them.  But writing a letter is easier than writing a blog or an article or an essay. Plus, your friends and family are already interested. So they are a biased.  While a blog reader probably will have no idea who you are. So if they like what you wrote you know it’s true.

In short, you have to create a following.  That’s the bad  news.  You gotta be on it everyday.

Some of my favourite writers and YouTube creators created their own following slowly.  Of course I kind of knew this.  But the reality hit when I started the race.  I felt a bit out of touch because I had no idea how to promote myself.

Japanese Monks Running a thousand marathons in a thousand days.

I heard about these Japanese monks that run a thousand marathons in a thousand days.  It’s takes them years to prepare for it.  Dude, think about that for a minute.


This Japanese monk marathon thing reminds me of Social media promotion and blog writing and making YouTube videos.  It takes years… There are no short cuts.  Unless you get lucky but the odds are not in your favour.

You gotta give before you can get

I heard this quote years ago by one of the guys in Run DMC. It’s pretty good.  It seems like we’re all focused on what we can get rather than what we can give.

Seeing how many followers I have on twitter doesn’t make me feel great.  It’s gonna be a long tough road.  I try to focus on the giving of good content rather than receiving of likes, shares, comments and follows.

Peace! – Ace in Asia




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