AIA#61 What writing everyday has taught me and ugh.. Tim Ferriss

I’ve written a blog post everyday for the past month.

A couple of things to note…

I never focused on the quality of video or writing.  I just made sure I made it happen everyday.

I hate to refer to Tim Ferriss, the self help, life hacker guy but I recently watched a video of him talking about how he used this same strategy for writing his latest book.   He said he made sure he wrote two pages of something everyday.  Many times he said what he wrote was crap and unusable, other times he reported getting into a flow state and writing twenty awesome pages.  I think there’s something to this.

I don’t claim to be a writer and identify more as a Youtube creator but I made a commitment to write at least a paragraph everyday and it’s been very helpful with my blog writing.

It can be hard to make a bad post. But a bad post is better than no post!!

I never worry about ideas or how good bad a blog post is I just make sure to do it.

I was thinking how applying this principle could change other areas of my life.


Peace, and Love, -Ace in Asia

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