AIA#62 The greatest content idea I’ve seen is…

Good morning-2.jpg

A lot of time content creators say they run out of ideas, Especially youtube creators…

We all want to make awesome videos that are people enjoy!  But I think what people like to see and what we think they want to see are sometimes different.

Everyone has a story

I’m from the Gary V school of content creation, I believe everyone has a story.  If your a brick layer, comic book collector, homeless person, house wife, unemployed, whatever…  We all have a story to tell. And youtube allows us to tell our story.

I love to follow and see what people will do next

I love following people and seeing what they eat, how they get to work, they’re work out routine, ect.  I think daily life vlogs are highly underrated.

Stay tuned for more!

Peace and Love -Ace in Asia

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