AIA#63 The Crying Dairy farmer | My take

Sometimes I complain about things.  Small stuff like, I can’t find my wallet or I think about my career choices and how I screwed up with that.  “I should have done this or that..”.

I try not to but I am human.

Yesterday,  I watched a video on Twitter about a guy that had a dairy farm with his parents.  He was around thirty years old and he said they weren’t making any money and had to take loans to pay the bills.  I felt bad for the guy and his family but dairy is on the way out.

He said things like “’s not fare..”  that they didn’t make enough money.

When he said that it struck a nerve.  When I was a kid and life didn’t go my I would say “That’s not fare.”

My step-dad would reply, “Life isn’t fare.”

I can hear him saying it like it was yesterday.

I heard another great quote, “It’s not the good times that define us.  It’s how we handle the bad times.”

Because there will be some bad days, I’ve seen a few myself, either by my choices or the universe.

Back to the dairy farmer.

What does he expect us to do?  Give him a job? Buy his milk?  He never said, “Hey I need a job here’s my resume.”  Or “Here’s a picture of our farm and our website where you can buy our wonderful fresh organic milk.”

I wish the dairy farmer well.  And I’m sure they will survive, either on food stamps or by quitting the dairy farm all together and starting over.

After all it’s America and immigrants arrive here everyday with nothing, not a penny and guess what?  They find a way.

They live in crap housing and save and work painting houses for nothing.  Because going back home is not an option.

Maybe we could all learn a thing or two from immigrants.

Baby, we all got it tough out here.

Peace, Love. -Ace in Asia

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