AIA#64 The Old Runner…

When I was 22 I decided to go to community college.  If I got good enough grades I could get into a University, which eventually I did.  While I was in community college I stayed with my parents at their home in suburbs.  It was a nice neighbourhood.  Sometimes I would go running.  I would see this guy in his late 60s or 70s running.  He was thin and ran great distances. I’d see him three or four miles away while I was driving.  He wore sunglasses and ran with no shirt.  In his prime he must of been something.

He lived close to my parents house and in the Spring I’d see him working in his garden.

His garden was beautiful and well kept, especially when compared to the other yards of the neighbourhood.  His house was tucked behind all these various trees and plants and bushes.

He was usually alone and seemed very content.

I liked seeing the old runner.  At the time I wasn’t very health conscious but it gave me hope that maybe I could run at old age.

Later over time I got into university and moved away, but I’d see the old runner still out but no longer running.

He’d be out walking great distances still with no shirt and sunglasses and very content.

I never got to meet him and wish I had.  What was he like?  What other hobbies did he have?

Who was the old runner?

Something made me think of the runner,  which is strange because I haven’t thought about him for years, decades even.

I was thinking…

will I be able to run three or four miles at age 70?  Will I run with my shirt off or on?

Will I have a garden?

Will I be content in old age? 104yearoldsardarfaujasing

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