AIA#66 “Mood Follows Action” and cringe videos (of me)


I love watching and listing to Rich Roll.  He’s a guy in his 50s that does all these crazy ultra man races and marathons but he also has a really cool podcast and a youtube channel as well.


He gets a lot of questions from beginners about how to start running.  “What’s the best running shoe?”, “What’s the best watch?”, “What’s the best way to train?” Ect.

I love his response!

Just start doing it… don’t worry about anything else.

A lot of times we get caught up in the details and never take any action.  Whether it’s starting yoga or a new diet or what ever.  We do all kinds of research but never take action.

“…Mood follows action…”  – Rich Roll.

I thought about starting a youtube channel and blog for years.

I’d ask myself, “What do people want to see?”, “Will people like my videos?”, ect.

Overthinking got me nowhere.

Of course my first videos are not so great, but a published video is better than nothing at all.  And the more I make videos the easier it gets!

Peace and Love -Ace in Asia



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