AIA#68 Awesome Self-Help books… and how David Goggins can change your life

I used to cringe at the site of the Self Help section of the books store.  I thought people that needed that stuff were losers, now day I think the opposite.

I’d recommend these to just about anyone.

These are a few of my favourites.

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 10.16.39 AM.png

Need a little motivation to get off the couch? Start a new diet or anything else?  Look no further than David Goggins.  This book will make you feel like the world’s laziest person and I assure you it will get you going.  He writes about his journey to become a Navy Seal, losing weight and competing in ultra races.  Thankfully he’s also active on social media.  If this book does get you motivated then nothing else will.  The audio version has extra commentary by David and his ghost writer.  Get it!


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill 

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 9.54.40 AM.png

This is the number one book I can recommend to anyone.  It will change you life.

Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins 

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 10.01.25 AM.png

Tony Robbins is great and I think this is his best book.  The audio format is good as well and I listened to it years ago when I was in a bit of a slump.  I used to think Tony Robbins was kind of a joke but He really does have something to offer.  It’s good start for mindset and creating new behaviours.

The Science of Self-Confidence – Brian Tracy 

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 10.07.55 AM.png

This is an audio recording by Brian Tracy and it’s pretty good.  He was a salesman years ago and when he started out he did very poorly.  He talks about meeting other top sales people and writing his goals in order to become a better salesman.  Eventually he became one of the top sales people in Canada.  He has other good books as well like Eat that Frog and others.  I think this is his best.


Atomic Habits – James Clear 

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 10.20.27 AM.png

I listened to this book on Audible recently and it’s amazing.  His advice is very applicable, which is why I recommend it.  He talks about small habits like going to the gym for five minutes a day and how small changes lead to big changes in our life.  He also talks about how we can set up logistics in order to make habits easier.  Like getting our gym bag and clothes ready the night before rather than waiting until morning or joining a gym that is on the way to work because it’s easier to stop at on the way home.  Good book.

Peace and Love -Ace in Asia

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