AIA#69 Han Solo and the Secret to Youtube and Social Media

So I’m on a chat form with some other youtube creators. Most of them just make videos for fun and have bigger aspirations. However a few of the creators on the chat have managed to make a decent living from youtube videos and Patreon.  The same question gets asked on the chat over and over again.

“How do I get more views?”

This is coming from people that have only been creating videos for a few months or a year.  If you don’t know already. Youtube and social media is a very long and hard road.  There’s no shortcuts.

“Never tell me the odds!” – Han Solo

Very few will make any money on Youtube and even fewer will make a living at it.  I didn’t even want to think about the odds!

Untitled design-3.jpg

I’ve watched quite a few videos on how to promote a youtube video and or channel.  As you can imagine there is a lot of advice out there, some good, some not so good.  I saw this video the other day and it definitely has some worthy advice.  It’s a video by Brian G Johnson, in it he features full time youtube creator Rob Wilson, who has been on Youtube for quite some time.

Rob tells his story of making videos for years and how he did it because he really loved the creative process and he never thought of it as a way to make a living.   Then he made some iPhone and iPad “how to..” videos and he started to get more views.  Then he started reviewing Android phones and things started to take off.  It’s a great story and you can tell Rob really enjoys making videos.

My thoughts….

….on being a relatively new content creator (Actually I’ve been on youtube for a while but only recently started taking my blog and Youtube seriously.)

When writing my blog or creating videos, I try to remember the words of social media expert, Gary Vee,

“…Give and expect nothing in return…”

Sorry, those aren’t his exact words, But you get the idea.  The guy has some great wisdom especially in a culture of life hacks and short cuts.

Peace and Love -Ace in Asia

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