AIA#70 Quitting social media | The tortoise and the hare

On some days I think about quitting social media and Youtube.  It gets tough, especially when I see my favourite creators going from a three thousand subscribers to ten thousand subscribers in a year. Ugh (sad face) but…

I should be looking forward to the tough days, not running from them.

Why do we think we think life is going to be easy?  Is it TV and movie happy endings?  or our upbringing?  I don’t know…

It took me some time to get into university because I transferred from community college.  I studied hard and eventually got in. My major wasn’t easy either and the projects took time and effort.  After I graduated college, getting a job in my field was tough and I thought it would be a little easier.

I started writing a blog, almost by accident, and I make Youtube videos as well.  I started my channel years ago and I would quit after a few months then come back to it.

I remember the words of an old psychology professor I had in community college he said…

“It’s easy to be an adult but hard to be an adult everyday.”

It’s true.

Few people stick with anything for any length of time.  They look for the way out when things get tough. I’m one of the ones that looks for the easy way out.

Untitled design-3

Delayed gratification

One of the traits that successful people have is the ability to delay gratification.  This means they are able to work hard now in order to meet a future goal match later on.

Everyone is focused on what’s fun now.  We live in a culture of, “I deserve this.” thinking.  Wheather it’s not working out, eating cheeseburgers or buying the latest gadget, it’s easy yo get caught up in “having fun”.

I was thinking of the tortoise and hare story from primary school, recently, and how relative it is to my life. The hare is quick and the tortoise is slow but the tortoise keeps at it and gets things done.

Am I going to be the tortoise or the hare?

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