AIA#71 Very Bad Hand Writing, Death and other champion ideas for blogs

I’ll be turning 46 years old this month.  Baby, time flies…

So of course I think about retirement and dying and everything a little more.  It sounds depressing when I write it but I’m not at all unhappy about it.  In fact it makes me enjoy life a little more.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.  I’ve been thinking hard about, “How to come up with more writing ideas and ideas in general.” Mainly, because I see a lot of creators struggle with coming up with ideas and a lot of people quit because they don’t know how to come up with something new.

So I actually started to hand write some ideas to see if it will help me.  Normally, I do not do this.  I go Straight to the keyboard and pound something out.  Then I post it even if it’s not so great.

“Everything is not a master piece.”  – Derek Lerner (Artist)

Pretty good quote I heard years ago by Derek Lerner.

Here are some ideas I wrote.


I know my hand writing isn’t so great. ugh.

Here are some other things I like to write about:

Daily life, Living in Asia (obviously!), past stories, life lessons, commentary, opinions, reviews of movies.

What do you guys like to create? Do you find it hard to come up with new ideas? how do you come up with ideas?

I really want to know!

Peace and Love -Ace


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