AIA#73 Yoga, My Chronic illness and other extremely boring topics


Photo by Life of Pix

Twenty years ago I had a professor at university, he ran marathons and participated in triathlons as well.  One day we were all walking together in the hall and someone asked him his age.  “I’m Forty-six.” He said confidently.   I gotta admit, I envied the guy.  He was fit and looked about thirty.  Obviously, he took care of himself. I was out of shape and only dreamt of doing exercise.  It was probably because of my professor that I wanted to change.  After all the guy was twenty years older and in way better shape than me.  It took me a while but I did change my lifestyle over the years.

Now I’m the one about to turn forty-six years old!

Time flies, baby…

I’ve had some chronic illness that have forced me to take action and try new things like yoga, stretching and various diets.  It was difficult, as I thought I would never regain my health.

I’m very grateful to be on a better path.

I value my health probably a little more than most people.

I take care of myself,  I’ve been experimenting with a plant based diet and started doing yoga everyday.  Is my diet perfect?  No.  Am I a yoga master?  Heck, no. But I feel better when I implement these things into my life. Doing a little can add up to a lot very quickly.

I don’t want to live forever or anything like that.  I just want to be physically active, happy and healthy.

Thanks for your support.

Peace and Love -Ace

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