AIA#85 The Reality of Teaching in Asia


Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 5.03.34 PM.png

I had to move recently…

And I really didn’t wan to.  It was just so much hassle that I didn’t want to deal with. However, I’m living in the city now and it’s a way better living situation.

On the weekend I can go to Starbucks or catch a movie or maybe even see a DJ.  Some decent shopping in the city as well.  They have name brands like Uniqlo and H and M.

They didn’t even have 7-11 where I was before, which was a surprise since 7-11 is everywhere.

There’s a decent expat community here as well, so I hope to make some new friends.

So I am happier where I am now.

These things happen, like moving at the last minute or  you might get moved or get a surprise when you land, a bait and switch type of situation.

It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

Moving isn’t really difficult because last time I moved I managed to get rid of some stuff.  When you have less stuff it’s way easier to live abroad.  Toting a bunch of luggage is a pain.



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