AIA#88 The Stray Dog at the Mall and Feeling Homesick


Hello everyone,

Yesterday, was my day off and after hanging around my apartment for a few hours I decided to do some shopping.  I found a mall on the internet very close to my apartment, which I’m happy about.

I got on the subway and headed to the next station.  The mall looked brand new as well as all the buildings surrounding it.  Very nice looking, almost like Japan but not quite.  I love malls because they give me the feeling of being back in the States and to be honest I need that.

In all my years I almost never get homesick.  In fact I kind of forget about home when I’m in Asia.

However, recently I’ve started thinking more about the US and my family back there.

Anyway, So I find a nice grocery store in the mall.  Then, I buy some kimchi and green tea.

What’s funny about living in China is I never get used to seeing so many people.  Tons of shoppers were in the grocery store busy buying food.  It was a mad house.

Then I headed over to Uniqlo, which is a cheap clothing store in Asia. I’m in need of some clothes for work.  Especially, since it’s going to get hot soon, so I need some short sleeve shirts.  I bought some pants as well and at Uniqlo they hem them there right on the spot, so I had an hour to kill.

I walked around the mall a little.  I felt strangely alone while walking around.  Then I stopped to read some of an ebook I have on my phone.

An old man sat next to me which was strange because there were other seats around.

After a while I went outside and a little stray dog walked up to me.  He was mangy and not so pretty but tough.  For a minute I thought he was going to bite me but he didn’t he just stared at me.  I think he wanted food.  I didn’t have anything to give him.

I felt a kinship with the dog, we were both lone strangers.  He was just trying to make it in the world just like everyone else.

Peace and Love. -Ace


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