AIA#89 Suicide Jack


I haven’t lived everywhere, but I’ve certainly been around.  So people always ask me about other parts of the world I’ve lived in.

Well, I gotta tell this story before I forget it.

I worked at small English Training school in Korea.  It was a very typical school and not very special at all.  The guys that worked there were all from the US or Canada and they were a tight group.  They had all been teaching there for a number of years as the owner was Canadian and a likeable boss.

So one day they were talking about a kid they nick named named Suicide Jack.

Of course I had to ask about what they were talking about.  Apparently, there was a Korean kid at the school that had a brother that was around six years old, and his name was Jack.

Jack used to come to the school while his older sibling was in class.  He would talk to the other teachers in English.  Keep in Mind this kid is six.

The kid was a genius and could talk at length about many subjects including weather patterns!  Yes, six years old!

Right there at that little school could have easily been the worlds smartest six year old.

So one day they ask Jack, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”  He replied, “Well, I might just commit suicide.”

Hence they nick named him Suicide Jack.

Peace and Love, -Ace

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