AIA#91 Novelty Seeking and Happiness


Hello everyone,

I cleaned my apartment yesterday on my day.  I gotta admit I had let things slide.  After yoga, I did the dishes, cleaned the floor and did the laundry.  I felt very satisfied afterwards like I had completed some kind of mission.

Of course cleaning my apartment isn’t really a mission.  It’s just one of those daily and weekly things we have to do.  Sometimes I enjoy cleaning sometimes I don’t.


I was listening to a pod cast and heard something interesting.

One person talked about novelty seeking and how people seek new experiences like they seek a new car.  They explained that seeking new experiences like traveling to a new place or trying a new religion wouldn’t make them happy.  They would constantly seek new experiences and never be fulfilled.

I really thought about this message for a few moments.

I enjoy shopping for clothes because I like to look good and I feel better when my clothes fit and they look good on me.  At times, I go overboard on the shopping and looking for new clothes.  So I have some work to do in this area.  I try to ask myself if I really need the item and if I can do with out it or I avoid clothing stores all together.

“How do we enjoy ourselves without overdoing it?”


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