AIA#93 Should I Move to Thailand?

I’m thinking seriously about moving to Thailand in the future.

I used to live there about eight years ago and really enjoyed it.  I really would like to meet some other Youtube creators that live there.

It’s hot which is a down side but the people are friendly and easy going.  I really like the food there as well.  Lots of variety to choose from.  They have amazing fruit in Thailand and I love fruit also coconuts are all over as well.  I miss it now as I write this.

Of course the roads are dangerous because of the way people drive so that’s con as well.

Amazing beaches are never very far away either.  I love Ko Chang Island its an amazing place.


Photo credit

They have amazing temples there! Which I miss dearly!


Photo credit

I do miss the night markets and the hustle and bustle of the streets.  People selling things and the whole atmosphere.


Photo credit


Would you guys move to Thailand if given the chance?  Let me know what you think of me moving to Thailand.

Peace and Love – Ace


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