AIA#94 Ninja movie night and Disappointment

When I was a kid ninjas were a thing.  It was the early 1980s and ninjas had infiltrated American pop culture.   They were seen in GI Joe comics, TV shows, and usually covering one of the latests martial arts magazine covers.  There were also ninja movies.  

My brother and I desperately, wanted to see a ninja movie.  But of course we’re too young.  

Until one day my Step-dad said we could watch a ninja movie of our choosing from the local video store.  

We were thrilled!  


My Step-dad took us out for dinner then we went to the video rental place, chose a few movies and headed home.  

We made some popcorn and popped the movies in the VCR.  

And what we saw was….


The footage of the movie was really bad.  Bad lighting, bad everything.  The sound was muffled.  There didn’t even seem to be a coherent story line.  The fight scenes looked like they had been done by an amateur.  They were both like.  Just really bad movies.  Like the worst I’ve seen.  

We were disappointed.  

However, I learned something that night about disappointment and expectations.  

Don’t expect so much and don’t think it’s always going to work out like you planned.  

Afterwards, I still had my love of ninjas and to this day ninjas hold a special place in my heart.  

Peace and Love -Ace

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