AIA#95 The Hostel in Cambodia and going with the Flow


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Some years ago I had some teacher training in Cambodia. 

Even though I had been in Korea for a few years Cambodia was still a culture shock.  There were tons of mopeds and the heat was something I hadn’t experienced.  But I was happy to take a break from Korea for awhile.  

 I took a tuk tuk from the airport to the hostel that the school had booked for me.  

When I arrived some Cambodia guys immediately started grabbing my bags.  And taking them into the hostel.  There was a restaurant lounge area in the the place.  

The place just looked shady.  

I considered finding another hostel nearby, but I decided to try this one.  Plus all the other students were staying there.  

It turned out to be a great place!

The staff was friendly and helpful.  There was a decent sized restaurant lounge area in front of the hostel and lots of travellers gathered there.  

I met people from Germany, France, Australia, America, all over.  

And the food wasn’t bad either.  

Travelling can be tricky but sometimes going with the flow is the best bet!

Peace and Love -Ace 

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