AIA#96 Do this will enhance your productivity, energy and happiness

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I was searching the area where I live and I found a Korean Sauna! 

I’m a very big fan of saunas and their health benefits.  

I got interested in Saunas many years ago after teaching in Korea.  They have Saunas everywhere there.  I never went but one day a friend invited me to go.  And since then I’ve been hooked.  

I swear saunas are addicitive!  

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 7.06.39 PM

After wards you feel amazing.  

I also discovered a Chinese Massage therapist.  Very cheap and well worth the money!


I decided to start getting a massage after Robin Sharma recommend them.  

He claims that getting two ninety minute massages per week will change your life.  

He goes on to say that massage will enhance productivity, mental clarity, energy and happiness.

He claims it’s a real game changer for work and overall health.

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