AIA#98 Fear, Discomfort and Nick Wooster?

I went to the Sauna today in Korea Town.  And…

Man…Do I feel great!

Then I took a short walk to a nearby mall to do some shopping.

I was listing to some music and walking and I started to think about Nick Wooster.

Nick Wooster is this fashion guy.  He started to become famous after people started to take photos of his daily outfits that he would were on the street.

So he didn’t get famous the traditional way.

Now he’s something of a men’s fashion legend.

Truth be told, he’s one of my idols because he’s always coming up with new styles and mixing and matching clothes.  His style incorporates a lot of army jackets and army boots.

He once said something that struck me as funny to hear him say.

He said, “I’m always scared people are going to laugh at what I wear.”

This is coming from probably, one of the most famous street fashion icons of the century.

He never gets comfortable.  He likes to change it up.

Maybe a little discomfort is what we all need.

Peace and Love, -Ace

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