AIA#99 The Naked Beach Story


After being in Asia for ten years, I’ve met a lot of folks as you can image.

Well, I met these two guys at my first teaching job in Korea.  They were about ten years younger and we became friends.

Let’s call them Jerry and Mike.  I liked hanging after work and sometimes on weekends.

After our contract ended we drifted apart as people do.

But Jerry and Mike stayed in touch and they eventually did some travelling together.

They were down in Cambodia and had a few beers one night on the beach.

Mike got the idea to go skinny dip in the ocean.  So they took off all their clothes and went for a swim.  After the swim they went back to where they took off their clothes.

However, someone stoled their clothes!

So they had to walk back to their hostel naked!

Oh man,  I had to tell that story because it’s too funny and I’ll probably forget it one day.

Peace and Love, -Ace


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