AIA#100 Anti-aging, Anti-stress, Relaxing Gangster!!!

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Hello everyone.

If You guys have followed my blog you know I’m really into breathing work and stretching.

Check out Certified Health Nut on Youtube for some great Qigong and breathing work.  He’s featured in this video as well as a video with Elliot Hulse.

You don’t need anything! Just yourself.  I can’t tell you how much breathing has changed my life.

I’m more focused,  less stressed,  more relaxed.  I don’t worry so much about the future as I did before.

Qi is energy, gong is practice.

We put our bodies through so much stress during the day.  And like a car we need maintenance.

The more stress and wear you put on your body the more maintenance you need.

Stress is great is some way.  We need to be challenged as humans.  But too much stress can hurt us and age us over time.

I consider breathing to be a natural maintenance tool.  The problem is we don’t do it correctly.  We use our mouth to inhale and that creates stress because we are breathing from the upper area of the body.

Nose breathing comes from the lower part.  Which is way better.

When we are at work we are mimicking the breathing of others.  Which isn’t good because usually people are stressed at work when they don’t have to be.

Breathing will change your life.

Peace and Love, -Ace

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