AIA#105 Why my Family Worries about me…


Photo Credit: Daffa Rayhan Zein

It’s raining here today in China and I love raining days.  Actually, the temperature is great because of the wind as well.

I talk to my family back home every now and then.

Sometimes it’s hard because they are busy with their lives and the time zone differences of course.  We always talk about current events or business or books or movies.  The usual chit chat stuff the families talk about.

How every they did express some concern a few years ago.

I had been abroad in a country and alone for some time.

One family member mentioned that I was spending a lot of time alone.

It got me thinking about being alone versus lonely.

I’m not really lonely.  I’m human and I do get lonely, and sad and all the usual other emotions.  That’s part of life.

I am alone, but I don’t consider myself lonely.

I love doing things on my terms and not having another person around.  Travelling alone is wonderful because you are forced into meeting other people.

I remember when I was in my 20s going to the movies alone for the first time.  Afterwards I though, “…this is great I can go to the movies anytime and see any movie I want!”

P.S. I found this awesome video about a guy who who has lived alone for 40 years.

Peace and Love, -Ace



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