AIA# 107 Encounter with an Alien (I mean another Expat)


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I was walking the other day after work to the subway station.

The late afternoon weather was amazing and the sun was setting behind the tress.  I was thinking how lucky I am to be living here in and enjoying my time.

Then I saw another expat (White man).

I was little stunned because I never see other white people around here.  I mean never.

I flashed a smile and said “hello”.

He nodded in a “…don’t talk to me..”, sort of way.

This is a thing, and I don’t know why.  It’s like an expat curse of some sort.

And I do find myself looking the other way when I see other expats.

I don’t know why we, sometimes act this way.

Maybe, we have met too many other arrogant expats and we jay don’t want to deal with meeting another.

I find European and African expats to be the most approachable and kind.

Which reminds me… I need to work on my own kindness as well.

Peace and Love, -Ace

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