AIA#110 Cheap Thailand, Temples and sliding motorbikes (Epic trip)

I went to Thailand recently for a cheap but decent vacation.


It was a great trip.  I needed time away from everything.

After I landed I kind of just relaxed in Bangkok for a few days and went to the big Buddha (reclining Buddha), which I hadn’t seen in years.

Then I headed to Cambodia for some more temples.  I found am amazing temple in Poipet, Cambodia.  I hired a moron bike guy and he took me around.   The temple he took me to was almost abandon and only one monk lived there.  It was the highlight of the trip!

On the way back we had an accident.  The motorbike slid out form under us as we tried to turn off, due to wet roads.  We were fine but it scared the shit out of me.


This is the new bridge that will cross over into Thailand.  It’s not open but they allow you to walk on it.

Then I went o Ankgor Was.  Which was amazing!


My time in Cambodia was really great, and I look forward to going again.

After that I head to Phuket.


I found a small beach, which I want to go to again.  It was pretty quiet for Phuket.

I felt so lucky to be a able to travel for an extensive amount of time in Thailand and Cambodia.


After that I headed back to Bangkok.


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