AIA#111 Time, Expat Blues and Gratitude


I had an amazing trip in Thailand and Cambodia.  There were highs and a few lows (Motorbike accidents), but I made it out fine and even a little smarter.

I found beaches in Phuket and nearly abandon temples in Cambodia.  I ate my favourite chicken soup in Thailand and cruised the touristy areas of Siem Reap.  I crossed the boarder bus into Cambodia and took a lot of photos.

Coming back to China, after my vacation in Thailand, was a bit of a downer.

I knew that was going to happen because I love Thailand a lot.  Especially the city of Bangkok.  It’s just a great city with so much to offer.  Shopping, street food, beaches but most importantly a good vibe.

I had a few realisations, while I was away….

I felt really grateful to be able to travel for and extensive period of time.  Most of my friends will only dream of taking a three week vacation, let alone to Thailand.  They have great jobs but usually only get a week or two a year if they are lucky, and even then they can’t go anywhere because they have kids or other obligations at home.

But I also realised how fast the years have gone and how little time I have left.  These past four years have flown by, since I’ve been to Japan.

And I was thinking I better do the things I want to do now because I will be to old to do them later,  or I know I just won’t want to do them later.

I also remembered how lucky I am to have been able to live in six countries and travel so much.

We can’t buy more time, you take care of yourself and go to the gym, eat well and all that but we all only get so much time.




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