AIA#112 Like a man with out a phone


I had an idea for a blog post this morning….

But I forgot what it was,  ugh.  I didn’t have internet this morning for a few hours and it drove me nuts because I wanted to check my messages but I couldn’t.

Like a man with out a phone.  LOL!!

No big updates.

But I am making plans for next year.  Sending out resumes and all that good stuff.  It’s work, but I do a little everyday.  I guess going to Thailand made me thirst for a new place.

I was thinking the other day, I’ll probably live out my days in Asia… or most of them anyway.  I just can’t stand to be in America for to long.  Driving to Target and the supermarket then to Starbucks is basically my life when I go back.  There is some excitement to Asia that the US lacks.  Of course I enjoy going back for a week or two but after that I’m ready to come back to Asia.

Peace and Love,


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