AIA#113 The turbulence of Life, (And the joyful Fisherman)


Photo Credit MashaiWakui 

Hey everyone…

Well, some not good things happened recently which is partly why I haven’t been writing as much.

I can’t go into the details.  It’s not like cancer or anything, but it wasn’t good.  Let’s call it, “the turbulence of life”.

But things are looking up in a lot of ways as well.  My living situation here in China has become better.  I live in a good area with plenty of shopping and a Starbucks.  Plus the neighbourhood looks decent, which is a big plus in my book.

I was walking home last night hand was very happy with it.  The night was great! And I had a feeling of happiness. I don’t want to call it happiness maybe a little bit of euphoria.

So I’ve been trying to be more grateful for the things I have.

Recently, I took a trip to South East Asia and went to visit some temples in a small city.  I saw some people fishing in the countryside.  They had nothing just dirt poor, but the smiles on their faces, they were so content.  And they looked joyful.

I’ll never forget it.  You can learn a lot from people just by seeing how they live.  Everyone should travel and try to see the world outside of their own just once.

Peace and Love,


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