AIA#115 Release the hounds of ideas, Free writing, Monkeys and more!!!

I had an awesome idea for a blog… then I forgot about it.

Ideas come and go.  You can’t really run out of ideas, they are out there.

I don’t think people “have” ideas.  I think ideas are everywhere like thoughts.

Free writing is a good way to release the hounds.

I’ll do a quick free writing exercise right now.  Ready go.

Blah,  Zoo animals. Monkeys.  I was just reading an article about them.  I saw one up close when I went to South east Asia.  It was a very small monkey.  Then I saw another right after.  It had a little baby monkey and it was carrying it.  It was so cute and adorable, other tourist were watching it as well.   I was little afraid of it biting me and then I would get rabies. Of course that’s ridiculous, maybe if I got to close or something. But Still kept a safe distance.  I heard about a. money attacking a woman. Or maybe it was and arangatang (spelling?).  It was 40 years old and someone had it as a pet then one day it decided to attack someone.  I don’t know why people want to have a moneky as a pet.  They poop all over the place.  It would be like have a three year old for decades.  How the heck did I get on the subject of monkeys?   I don’t know.  But with free writing you have to keep going none stop. That’s the game.  So to speak.  Write whatever comes to mind.  Damn, it take energy. Soon I gotta go to work.  Easy day today, although a lot of desk warming.  Sitting at a desk for long periods of time.  Anyway peace out.

So that’s my free writing exercise I’ll do another tomorrow just for fun.

Peace and Love,

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