AIA#116 Daily Routine (Very boring) Free writing and 40oz.



I’m a Starbucks here in China, eating a scone and drinking coffee and I was thinking about last year during this same month, and man it went fast.

Of course it’s expected but, Wow!

The highlight was my trip to South East Asia.  The temples were amazing! (I found a few amazing nearly empty temples in Cambodia!) And man the beaches of Phuket!!! Besides the motorbike crashes everything went great! So I’m grateful!

In general it was pretty good but next the next 12 months are going to be great.  I don’t know why I just think that they will.   Other than that not much else is going on, I get up in the morning do  bit of yoga and stretching, watch some youtube videos then I go get some food at the grocery and head to work.

It’s not too exciting, but I guess life can’t be exciting all the time.

I do enjoy things like yoga, movies and certain books way more now days.

On to the free writing exercise, the game is try to write for five-ten minutes straight without stopping.  Ok, here it goes…

I went to cemetery years ago.  Actually, that’s a lie I never did.  There was a cemetery near my university. Sometimes I would pass by it on the way home.  I don’t know why I am writing about this now.  Oh well….I also dated a girl named _____.  She was a Morman or rather her family was.  She liked to party, and so did I back then.  I met her for a date at the movies and she was holding a forty oz and said put this in your pants.  I thought it was going drop on the way in but it didn’t.  We sipped the forty oz and watched Return of the Jedi at the Theatre.  Good times.  I frequently bought 40oz liquors while at university.  Because they were cheap as heck.  But I also smoked Dunhill cigarettes so at parties people would always ask me about the big blues pack of Dunhill’s and why I was drinking 40oz.  I went to school in a mountain town and everyone was a beer snob, meaning they drank high quality, expensive brews.  To me it was all a little ridiculous,  I mean, it was beer not wine and we were university students, the point was to get hammered.  I have a lot of great memories for university.  Just hanging out and doing nothing, playing guitar with friends, song writing,  meeting new people, working at crap jobs, it was all great.

Peace and Love,

Ace Wall


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