AIA#119 Countryside VS City ESL jobs (How to live like a Monk)

It can be hard to live out in the countryside and teach ESL overseas.

I taught in a very small town in Korea for about a year.  I’m guess if you went to another country like China, Vietnam or Japan it would be a similar experience.

I taught at a public school and it was great! My students were fun and we had a lot of  books and props for teaching our classes.  The hours were nice as well because it was 8:00AM-4:00PM.  So I couldn’t complain about that.

I like to go to a cafe and get a coffee on the weekends.  I also like to go to the gym and work out.  There were some cafes in a town about 10 minutes away by bus.  And other teachers would get to together there and have dinner.  So it wasn’t all bad, but yes it did get lonely out there.  This is coming from someone that likes to be alone.

I would go into the closest big city for a movie or some shopping. But it took about 40 minutes to get there by bus.

However, for saving money smaller towns are way better if you don’t mind being alone and in the middle of nowhere and living like a monk.

Learning a language: If you’re trying to learn the local language a smaller city or town might be better because it forces you to use the language.

There are a lot of these types of jobs available in China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.  Teaching jobs out in the middle of nowhere.

Le the know if you guys have any questions about teaching in Asia.  I’ve taught in six countries so far.

Peace and Love,


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