AIA#121 Beijing UFOs (Yes, it involves me.)



I was living in Beijing in the Southwestern area.  It’s an old area not far from the Forbidden City.  I lived in an apartment complex of tall buildings in Beijing.  There are tons of them there of course.  It was around 9:00PM or 10:00PM at night in the Spring or Summer of 2018.  It was a typical night in the neighbourhood.  I was having a few beers with a friend who also lived nearby.  We were hanging outside the convince store, when my friend suggested we go on top of an apartment building.  He had been up there before and said the top was unlocked so we could drink up there.  I said, “Sure.”  and we headed up by elevator.  It was around 20 floors up.  The view was decent, mostly we could see other apartment buildings.  Then in the distance I could make out a large black sheet moving in the distance.  I looked over and shouted, “What the hell is that?” to my friend and he replied, “I don’t know.”  It was moving North and had no sound.  and it looked like a it was moving in a wave.  It was very strange and I’ll never forget it.

But something else was strange, afterwards I never mentioned it to anyone, and almost forgot about it.  When I mentioned it to my friend a few weeks later he said, “What are you talking about?”  He had no memory of seeing it!

Later I moved to Hangzhou just south of Shanghai and one of my students, a kid around 11 years old, ask me if I ever saw a UFO in Beijing.  I said, “Yes, I did.” I asked him if he ever saw a UFO and he said he did.  Then he described it to me.

So that’s me Beijing UFO story. pexels-photo-1134166.jpeg


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