AIA#121 My psychic experience…(or just coincidence)


I used to read a Manga comic call Mai the Psychic girl. It was one of only three or four translated manga comics coming into the US.  The story wasn’t much, a psychic teenager in Tokyo, trying to escape a secret powerful group that attempts to kidnap her.  However the artwork was amazing, compared to US comics it blew them away.  The comic also featured adult language and it was clearly not just for kids.  The covers were stunning.  I thought I’d mention that comic since it’s one of my old favourites.  Going to the comic shop when I was 14 and coming home to read them on Saturdays was a joy.

I had a bit of a psychic experience myself or maybe just a coincidence.

I was at Starbucks drinking coffee and surfing online, then I thought about some one I hadn’t seen in years.  The I called home later that night and my dad said, “I just talked to _______.  And he was just asking about you.”  Of course I had to get in touch with ________ and let them know.  Maybe, it’s just a coincidence.

I’m still thinking about it a lot.

Peace and Love,



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